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New Year ‘Baby’ helps Collier Pest Control gain ground in search optimization

A beautiful baby was born New Year’s Eve 2014 — the most beautiful pest control website ever conceived and delivered. As the baby was delivered and debuted, the excitement grew. The staff scurried about viewing each others’ profiles. Comments were heard, such as, “It’s so much easier to use and find things.” It wasn’t an […]

Websites for the mobile user

It’s not a luxury – It’s a necessity Importance of Mobile and Denial of its importance – From the presentation of Dave Fletcher of The Mechanism – http://www.themechanism.com There are more smartphone sales than desktop computers I THINK IT’S NOW THE JOINT PROJECT OF ALL OF US TO MAKE MOBILE THE ANSWER TO PRETTY MUCH […]

Fired Up Again – Online Wins Again with Public Relations

The PRSA has an international membership of over 21,000 members, and over 3,000 attended the conference in Washington DC this October themed “Leading the Way for a Fearless Future of PR.” The opening general session included Walter Isaacson, President and CEO Aspen Institute. His discussion centered on disruption in the marketplace and it isn’t anything […]

Celebrating Freedom at The Shelter for Abused Women and Children

The challenge of creating a website for a domestic violence agency is how to avoid the shock and awe approach used by so many agencies.  This wasn’t a public relations website development strategy that anyone wanted to pursue. When creating a new look for The Shelter for Abused Women & Children’s website, Social-Impact sought to […]

pure-piano – A Musicians Way to get a great website

Web Development Josh Isenberg is a great musician, classy pianist and fabulous entertainer. Those elements are all well and good, but how do you make the most of that in establishing a Public Relations strategy, creating a public profile with proper branding, and a web presence that tells that story? Josh called us on the […]

Consolidate Fire Now – A Public Relations Exercise for the Ballot

What is the best way to proceed when trying to get a measure passed at election time? There are many things to consider, including sentimental feelings when dealing with some topics. In this case, the Golden Gate and East Naples Fire Control and Rescue districts were attempting to merge. This brought with it a sense […]

1 By 1 Leadership Foundation – Content that tells a story

“We need help getting a better presence in the public eye in our website, “said John Lawson, the Executive Director of 1 By 1 Leadership Foundation, “and I’m told you can help us.” he further stated. “What are you trying to do? we asked him. “We have this national golf tournament coming to us and […]