Impact of New Media and Diminishing Value of Traditional Media

If you want to be in the media, you have to become the media.

Public Relations Coverage

Public Relations Coverage

A Public Relations Strategy

There are 25% fewer journalist employed by traditional major media organizations than there were five years ago. It is noticeable and the media companies are suffering as a result of it.

This thinning of the journalist ability to cover news creates opportunities for you to expand news coverage of your company greater than ever before. What, you say?

First, the ability of media companies to penetrate the larger population is diminishing rapidly with circulation declines and competing news sources. This means they have a greater dependency to rely on the internet to research stories and try to bring a local tie to their efforts.

A journalist does what you do when you are looking for information. They search the internet.

If you have been doing stories about your work and the happy people that have used your services, you will probably be the person that journalist will call as the most credible source of information.

Do you see the “viola” of that statement?

If a journalist is looking to find you, won’t the consumer do the same?

How is that accomplished? It’s what we preach every day.

google searchA businesses website has to function as the central hub to a public relations strategy that is integrated with the social media platforms. This would include a YouTube channel, connected to Google+, and those videos are embedded on the business website.

When properly integrated, the website will get the “juice” of the search engine credibility because Google will recognize that the website, video channel and social media platforms all talk to each other.

Are your social media platforms talking to each other?

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