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Josh Isenberg- pure-piano

Josh Isenberg- pure-piano

Josh Isenberg is a great musician, classy pianist and fabulous entertainer. Those elements are all well and good, but how do you make the most of that in establishing a Public Relations strategy, creating a public profile with proper branding, and a web presence that tells that story?

Josh called us on the recommendation of a talent agent we had assisted last year. He explained what he was trying to accomplish. It was apparent, Josh didn’t know much about the benefit that could be derived from using various social media tools to assist in his effort.

Money was a big concern, and he didn’t feel he could afford our normal pricing structure.

After explaining how limiting the effect his conditions he presented in effectively marketing himself, we talked about the possibilities from a different perspective and to consider his website as being an outreach vehicle, rather than a nice directory. We needed to allow the social media tools to do their work of social sharing for “word of mouth” advertising.

His wife was a creative person and designed a professional logo that would fit in the style of WordPress template that was free. He felt like he could tell a good story on his own.

Since all of the tools we were going to use were free, we moved forward and guided him so he could create a good “do it yourself” integrated web presence.

Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy

We showcased his music with a variety of audio files, and a YouTube video. We created his own YouTube channel from a newly created Google+ page, and linked all of the appropriate social media tools like Facebook and Twitter to the website and linked them back to the social media platforms.

All platforms were branded, and all spoke to each other to make his work easier to perform, and automatic posting tools were created, so he wouldn’t be chained to a computer to make it all work.

Content Marketing

It is always fun to watch a person light up as they grasp how all of the parts come together. Josh saw how content would provide the “juice” to make his website relevant to a broader community. We discussed how he should target his audience with the target he wanted to reach.

That meant video testimonials where he could enter the social circles where he could derive the most benefit from his efforts.

A touch up meeting a month later, and Josh is well on his way.

Hear him tell the story below.

Visit his website at pure-piano.com.

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