New Year ‘Baby’ helps Collier Pest Control gain ground in search optimization

A beautiful baby was born New Year’s Eve 2014 — the most beautiful pest control website ever conceived and delivered.

As the baby was delivered and debuted, the excitement grew. The staff scurried about viewing each others’ profiles. Comments were heard, such as, “It’s so much easier to use and find things.”

It wasn’t an easy birth, you see.

The father (Owner/Founder of Collier Pest Control) Phil Hadley really liked his old website. It had everything he wanted. It was laid out like a good newspaper ad. It had specials and links to more information.

The problem was, it didn’t look good on a mobile phone and it was beginning to lose the high search engine rankings he’d earned through the years. The loss was alarming for Hadley.

Recognizing the shortcomings of his web presence, he was willing to learn some new technology to assist clients.

We noticed a few things he didn’t recognize, that is, his site was just a directory with no opportunity for outreach and no features to improve his search engine rankings.

Public Relations Strategy/Web Design

Household Pest Section

Household Pest Section

The staff at Collier Pest Control are warm and show genuine concern for the clients. This attitude starts at the top and goes right through to the staff. We wanted to use this in telling the Collier Pest Control story.

For his public relations strategy, we revamped the website to capture that personal touch by including videos, photos and text testimonials. We created a new Youtube Channel for the business and embedded his television commercial and video testimonials of long-time customers.

Collier Pest Control is a homegrown local business so we needed to highlight the value that brings to the community in personal service. Hadley has staff members that had been with him since the beginning and others who are 5, 10 and 20-plus-year employees. We decided that dedication makes quite a statement about the value he brings to his consumers’ homes and to the community. Each employee is included on the new site and where video was appropriate, we included video.

To make the site the “go-to place” for learning about pests in Southwest Florida, we included an area to identify the common and not-so-common pests, including pictures and narratives on each pest.

The design includes categories by picture and text to allow a viewer to access the information they want with just a click of a button.

Did we mention, it is mobile responsive? It really looks great on a mobile platform, including tablets and iphones.

Google+ Profile

Google+ Profile

Search Engine Marketing

Now we needed to give his site more credibility with the search engines. To do this, we took his Google Places profile and filled out the Google+ Profile, added a business YouTube Channel to the Google+ account to utilize video testimonials and commercials to grab the SEO credit for Collier Pest Control, rather than others.

We added feeds from the website to the social media platforms and directed the social media platforms to feed back to the website.

In addition, we branded a newsletter template to begin an email program with a Facebook sign up tool and placed the sign up tool on the website, too.

Compelling personal stories, video and pictures, plus being the ‘go-to’ resource on pests, provided some pretty good material to use in the social media circles, where friends of friends could see the value clients have expressed regarding the quality of life Collier Pest Control has brought to their lives.

This method and content will also raise his rankings with the search engines.

We gave him “Word of Mouth” advertising on steroids.

A Web/Social Media Marketing plan was developed to coordinate promotional efforts and outreach via social media, e-newsletters and personal stories to get the biggest bang out of his investment in his new online world.

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