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Venue Replay – Cookie-Less Remarketing Based Off Visiting a Physical Location

CAPTURE DEVICE ID’S PRESENT AT HIGH VALUE LOCATIONS How It Works Venue Replay allows you to capture people’s Device ID’s at events they attend, where they work, where they study, where they shop, all with the intent to advertise to this high value audience. This is done by using geoframing, a technology created by El Toro. […]

Just Announced – Social-Impact receives 2017 All Star Award from Constant Contact

Here is the message received in an email today from Constant Contact You shine brightly for your clients. And for us, too. Welcome to the All Stars!   Last year, your efforts to manage your clients’ accounts and engage with their customers were exemplary. Stellar. We certainly noticed. So we are thrilled to name you […]

It’s the Political Season – Three Political Marketing Strategies: Using IP Targeted Digital Advertising

Political Canvassing: Adding One More Touchpoint Canvassing is still one of the most effective ways to engage with voters. When collecting voter information, garnering the addresses of your supporters not only creates a great voter database for direct mail campaigns, but an outstanding database for digital political marketing strategies!  With El Toro’s patented IP targeting […]

How IP Targeting is the Political Digital Game Changer

IP Targeting is changing the way political marketing is done, and how campaigns are fought. With the growth of the digitally savvy political campaign, political marketing techniques play a pivotal role in the way campaigns are won and will dictate results.   Digital elections have arrived Prior to the 2010 election, political parties were blind […]

George the DJ

DJ  George has been operating a full-time DJ business for over 25 years. George had a good business going, and had tried to keep up his website with a firm on the East coast of Florida. The firm had decided they were no longer going to be doing websites, as it was difficult to keep […]

Priceless Events

Wowwwwww the website looks breathtaking. I love ittttt. Jouselie Charles had launched her event business, but didn’t have a lot of capital to begin her dream business in Naples. She had held a couple of very successful events while living in the Tampa area and had just moved to Naples. she really liked the event […]

Captions and Subheads – Attract Your Audience

“The middle [often] has no recognizable sequence of ideas, no flow of cause and effect, and no narrative, just puddles of information.” — Roy Peter Clark, senior scholar, Poynter Institute; and Don Fry, writing coach Pull Readers into your story with captions and subheads. Don’t take our word for it, here’s this: “No task involved […]

Startling Statistics – Create Readers

Surprise Readers with Startling Statistics. Every industry accumulates research in their field of study over time, or an industry that is related to the success of their business locally, or nationally. Every morning I get a sample of industry related statistics meant to capture my imagination and attention. Here’s an example from this morning Research Brief […]