Web Developer Turning into Social Media Marketer

David Burns - ERB Systems President

David Burns – ERB Systems President

We live video trained with a group of five from Chicago, Naples, Ft. Myers, and Golden Gate Estates. The conversation was quite lively with emotions from out and out laughter and some frustration. Some were in the room, and others dialed in to a live remote for the training.

The ERB Systems hired a three day session from Russell Tuff, of Social-Impact. ERB Systems is a web development company that creates free website for home owners associations performing a great role in associations communicating with members.

Their main objective was to get more proficient in using social media to attract eyeballs to their website.

Their home owner association websites have become valuable because they store downloadable documents for members and boards of directors, keep calendars of activities, and photo galleries for special events.

ERB personnel got pretty good at website development, and wanted to take the next step in assisting businesses in marketing their businesses. They wanted to create and even greater audience for their advertisers.

I can’t recommend him enough or anyone else that can do a better job at consulting and showing us how to utilize social media and integrating it into our websites.

As they launched into web development for the businesses that advertise on their network, they knew they had to better utilize social media and integrating their websites with the proper social media tools.

The key to their success would be to enlarge the eyeballs on the sites, and make the sites even more valuable to advertisers. This would mean more than putting buttons on a site. It would mean developing social media strategies for their clients and assisting home owner association in better utilizing social media platforms to improve their engagement with their members.

With plans in hand – We wish them well.

Watch below, as David Burns, the president of ERB Systems, shares his enthusiasm for the session

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