Venue Replay – Cookie-Less Remarketing Based Off Visiting a Physical Location


How It Works

Venue Replay allows you to capture people’s Device ID’s at events they attend, where they work, where they study, where they shop, all with the intent to advertise to this high value audience. This is done by using geoframing, a technology created by El Toro. With Venue Replay, we can even go back in time and capture devices from events that happened up to 6 months ago! Venue Replay then attributes a likely home address of those devices seen at the chosen event. From there, we are able to target that home network with digital banner ads using our prime technology, IP Targeting.

Venue Replay by el toro

The Technology At Work

When an Ad Impression is served (a digital banner or video ad loads on-screen), there are three pieces of data El Toro analyzes with the use of geoframing: the who, where, and when. We analyze the who by UDID (unique device ID), the where by geographical coordinate (latitude & longitude) of where the impression displayed, and the when by a timestamp of when the impression loaded on the screen.

There are many instances where a venue is target rich and valuable to reach your audience post event. Some examples would include convention marketing, concerts,sports business, ticket sales, or just connecting with your audience after an event. If you’d like to learn more about Venue Replay, watch the video or contact us below!

Social-Impact is a registered agent with El Toro

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