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“We need help getting a better presence in the public eye in our website, “said John Lawson, the Executive Director of 1 By 1 Leadership Foundation, “and I’m told you can help us.” he further stated.

“What are you trying to do? we asked him.

“We have this national golf tournament coming to us and our website doesn’t tell a good story about what we do.” Lawson continued.

Lawson went on to describe the many ways and variety of involvement their organization had in the community.

They partnered with businesses, local and national. They worked in the schools, athletics, provided computers, and the list went on and on.

“Tell me about some of the impacts you’ve had in the community, and the successes with individuals.” we continued in our questioning to get to the right angle. Let me tell you, they had plenty of great stories.

John Lawson

John Lawson, Executive Director

The next step involved interviewing the people they had assisted, from students who excelled, to parents that were happy and made whole, to advancement in physical structures within the Immokalee community. We interviewed business partners.

We had video, and text of the people involved. The next step was to create a web platform to take advantage of those wonderful stories, and perform outreach to enlist the help of others in the cause.

We were going to put an emphasis on donations, but Lawson stated, “We really don’t just want peoples’ money, we want them engaged in the program to serve as a ministry as well.”

To tell their story and assist in easy to use platforms, we created a You Tube Channel that was connected to their Google+ page, and used those videos to put on their website in a sections called Testimonials.

We created a section called Success Stories where people could read and view the success stories of individual lives that were changed as a result or their efforts.



The organization needed a method to do outreach, and keep interested parties up to date on their progress. We wanted an easy way to share that informations, so an electronic newsletter was created to utilize stories, photos, videos, and call to actions in the template.

Next, we had to integrate the Google+, Facebook Business Page, You Tube channel and twitter to talk to each other, and use the force of all of the media platforms to build each other up, rather than each standing on their own merit.

“Ok,” Lawson said, “now what do we do with all of this?”

We developed a blog calendar with topics, timelines, and assignments to ensure the work will get done. We did the same with the newsletter calendar and created the Social Media Guidelines.

The first month took a lot of hand holding, and by the second month, they had come miles on learning how to talk to the community in a thought out manner that would do the most good.




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