What the heck is Search Engine Optimization, and why do I care?

google searchI guarantee, before you purchase a major item, or are exploring a purchase, you check out the product and read about the company you will potentially be engaging in providing a service for you.

What do you do? You do a search for the business or product on your computer using the internet search engines.

If your business isn’t listed in that search effort, you don’t stand a chance to make the sale in engage in the sales process. If you do show up, how do you look to a prospective buyer?

That’s what search engine optimization is all about.

First, having the ability of being found, and next, using a form of media that your potential client enjoys using. That could be Facebook, You Tube, Google+, Pinterest and the list goes on and on.

What brings your search rankings to the top?

Search engines are refining the results they bring up as they want to bring up the most relevant search information so you will continue to use their services. That means you have to gain credibility with the search engines.

Gaining Credibility With Search Engines

The most important method of getting credibility, is to have content that people want to read, and click on your stories. That content has to be about the product or service for which you’ll want to be found. The best method, using customers that tell your praises, in terms they use, versus technical jargon.

Use Multiple Social Media Tools

YouTube-logo-full_colorUsing multiple online media platforms gives a broader source of credibility, such as my website, Facebook, etc. Multiple clicks gives even more credibility. For example, I have this really happy client, so I do a short video clip of them telling the world about how happy they were with my services.

That video is placed on my You Tube Channel, which is connected to my Google+ page, and all of those are linked to my website and other media platforms. They talk to each other through feeds.

We still want our website to gain the credit for the information, rather than You Tube, so I embed the You Tube video of the happy client on a story page on my website.

This way, my website gets the credit, the YouTube click counts, because they talk to each other, and my rankings go up.

When my clients’ friends see the video, they want to see their friend, and, viola…, you just got credibility with the search engines, by providing content that people want to read on the topic they are looking for.

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