Staying Fit in Business through Internet Marketing/Social Media

Marcy Hess, owner of The Perfect 10 Strength Training Program, came to the right place when she found Social-Impact about six months ago.

Marcy knew she needed her business to be found easily online and to connect to people through social media.

Together, Social Impact and The Perfect 10 Strength Training in downtown Naples have helped people learn there is a better way to workout. People who wouldn’t workout at all or who would otherwise spend hours in the gym each week slowly building their strength have learned The Perfect 10 Strength Training is a better way. Just 20 minutes, once per week, in high intensity strength training brings about the quickest, safest and best results possible, Marcy said.

Social Impact recently redesigned her website,, making it user-friendly, so clients can sign up for their weekly workouts and easily find links to information about how it works. They can interact with other clients, seeing how effective it is for others who workout at The Perfect 10 Strength Training, through testimonials, which are updated monthly on the site by Social Impact.

The website quickly jumped in page views with updates and links to The Perfect 10 Strength Training program’s Facebook page, Twitter and You Tube Channel. Each month, Social Impact develops a monthly email newsletter, keeping her clients and prospective clients up-to-date about added services, events and ways to make the strength-training program even more effective.

“I don’t have the time nor do I have any interest in learning how to do all of that myself. They’ve done a great job. The website is clean, crisp, unique and fresh,” said Marcy.

She is most appreciative of the flexibility Social Impact has in creating the content that works best for her business.

“They really care. They’re putting really great information out there,” Marcy said.

The impact on her business is noticeably beneficial as she builds clients each month.

“I get all the notifications from Facebook and Twitter, as well as feedback on the blogs.  People who leave all these comments and they think it’s great. They (Social Impact) are the ones getting the word out about us. I would highly recommend them,” Marcy said.

perfect10webshotSocial Media Marketing and Web Design

Here is a small screenshot of the top half of their website, which includes a slide show sharing their selling messages with photos, and links for more information:

In addition to the website/blogsite, pages were created for the social media sites, including Facebook Pages, Twitter, Google Places, Google+, LinkedIn and their own You Tube channel.

A social media strategy was developed to maximize engagement with the clients through the blog and bringing people from the social media pages back to the website.

Do the work once, and maximize it’s use. Strong photo’s that pull the reader through the selling message is key. Giving the reader the opportunity to dig deeper to learn more is essential.


An E-newsletter program was developed to keep in touch with existing clients, and to tell stories of success that were put on the blog site.

The e-newsletter is branded to match the website, has all of the links to the various media platforms, and stories come back to the blog site.

The open rates for the newsletters are way above standard open rates, and the click through rates exceed the typical open rate of most emails.

The sharing ability of the newsletters also is utilized on social media platforms so the customers can bring the “Word of Mouth” in multitudes at a time, versus one person at a time.


No marketing program is complete without the blog post. Telling compelling personal stories of how you helped someone in their personal lives is the best form of advertising available.

Through blogging, people can subscribe to your posts, the stories can be posted to Facebook, and Google+, and shared on Twitter as well.

The Blog, Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and the newsletter are all branded to the same look, so you know when you are on The Perfect 10 Strength Training media outlets.

In summary, it doesn’t matter if you are a shoe business, jewelry store, air conditioning repair service, or a pet store, you are in the media business.

People can share your story if they have a story to share. If you are in business, you are supplying a servcie that has helped someone. That is the story we should share. Share it where people will see it on their turf.

Of course, your stories will be submitted to the appropriate news sources when Social-Impact has finished your story.

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