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Every industry accumulates research in their field of study over time, or an industry that is related to the success of their business locally, or nationally.

Every morning I get a sample of industry related statistics meant to capture my imagination and attention. Here’s an example from this morning Research Brief from the Media Center for Media Research :

Customer Reviews Trump Secure Browsing For eCommerce Trust

by Jack Loechner, Staff Writer
According to new research by GetApp by Rhian Davies, just a quarter of consumers indicated that secure browsing (including the presence of https) was most important to them when shopping online. Key findings:

  • For 33.8% of consumers, customer reviews are the most important feature that makes them trust eCommerce stores when shopping online
  • A quarter of consumers say that secure browsing is the most important trustworthy feature of an online store
  • Almost 1 in 6 consumers favor a clean website design, layout, and navigation when assessing the trustworthiness of a website
  • Only one in ten of consumers say that the ease of contacting a company is the most important factor that makes them trust shopping on a website
  • Almost 15% of consumers value accurate and up-to-date content as the benchmark of a trustworthy online store
When Shopping Online, Feature Of Online Store Creating Greatest Trust
Trust Feature % of Respondents First Choice
Customer reviews 33.8%
Secure browsing 25.3
Clean website design, layout and navigation 15.4
Accurate and up-to-date content 14.6
Easy to contact company 10.8
Source: GetApp, March 2017

Most of us get statistics and data about our products and services and consumers. These examples can create a useful lead in where your customer or potential customer can find a way to relate to your services.

After you’ve found a way for them to relate, you probably are the top of the list to engage in their service fulfillment.

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