Public Relations Can Take Your Small Bussiness to New Heights

Why is it that small business owners automatically think “advertising” when they are trying to gain more recognition for their business? Advertising is something we encounter driving down the road, watching a sporting event, or even listening to the radio, things that we  face on a daily basis.

If public relations is done the correct way, it can be a more cost efficient and strategically wiser way to increase recognition for your business.

When the general population notices an advertisement in public or on television, the consumer can almost become numb to the product trying to be sold because they know the ulterior motive is to make money, and not build relationships.

Be The News

A public relations firm will help build general awareness of your product, service, or brand in a non invasive way. The visibility created by public relations can make your business appear larger and more established than you ever thought possible. For example, an advertisement can be removed from a location at any moment, and people wouldn’t know it was missing. On the other hand, public relations has the ability to resonate within a community and have a long-term effect, no matter what advertisements are being used.

Public relations is a great foundation for any business, and can provide much more substantial long term benefits than advertising. Many small businesses have a unique story to tell, public relations will help you voice your story, and increase sales with tremendous growth.

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Here is a portion of the article from Gulf Shore Business magazine September 2016 issue:

When you meet with a potential communications agency for the first time, the public relations practitioners should be asking questions and listening, rather than immediately pitching their services.

Some of the questions may surprise and challenge a business owner, says Russell Tuff, president of the Gulf Coast chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Those questions could revolve around your company’s mission, future goals, past accomplishments, challenges and how – Read the rest

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