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Wowwwwww the website looks breathtaking. I love ittttt.

Jouselie Charles had launched her event business, but didn’t have a lot of capital to begin her dream business in Naples. She had held a couple of very successful events while living in the Tampa area and had just moved to Naples. she really liked the event business and wanted to begin her new career here as an event coordinator.

Charles knew she needed a new website and launched with a Weebly website, as it offered a low cost upfront system, had easy to use tools, and allowed her to create a nice clean looking website.

The problem was, no one could find her website. The site had improper page titles, utilized images instead of text, which made it so search engines couldn’t understand what her site was supposed to be.

She had contacted Social Impact to assist her in developing a Social Media presence. Her consultant, Russell Tuff, explained he couldn’t provide an effective social media presence without a solid website that could anchor all of her social media platforms.

A fully functional website is an integral part of creating credibility social media presence. A business website should be the anchor for all social media efforts.

The website was recreated using some text content from her existing website, editing what was there, adding a bit of new content, and utilizing new graphics to create the image she wanted to portray to current and potential clients.

It was done quickly, at a low cost. Her email response is the quote at the top of the page. View the website here

Now the real work can begin.

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