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When Wendy Thomas started her mobile notary signature service, she knew she needed a website to attract new customers.

Thomas contracted with a person she had met at a networking event to create her website. Unfortunately, she experienced a great deal of frustration in getting her website to have the look and feel she wanted, and was disappointed in what showed up in Google searches.

Reaching out to Social-Impact, she met with Russell Tuff, and within 30 minutes had a plan of action that would tell her story in a more personal way, and integrate her website with other social media platforms.

Creating a strong visual impact that elevated Thomas’s professionalism and experience was important. The first step was to get a professional photo, since she was the asset that was going to be marketed to the public. The new photos allowed Social-Impact to create a professional and easily navigational layout.

 Since Thomas specializes in mobile services, it was important that her website be very mobile friendly. Building on that, the plan was to highlight three service areas – mobile notary service, signing agent, and general notary services.

The calls are coming in and we have one happy client – Wendy’s Signature Service

Watch her story below for more:

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