Influencing Decisions – Six Secrets

six-influencerHow can you motivate people to act?

Rober Cialdini has spent his career studying behavior and what causes people to make decisions. Influencing others isn’t about luck or magic – it’s science.

He states there are six principles that cause people to act: His Book

  1. 1. Reciprocation
  2. 2. Social Proof
  3. 3. Commitment and Consistency
  4. 4. Liking
  5. 5. Authority
  6. 6. Scarcity

Two of the principals you can take home today include:

Robert Cialdini’s ‘universal principles of social influence’
Principle Description Example
1. Reciprocation We feel obligated to return favors performed for us. When waiters gave diners extra mints after their meals, tips increased by more than 14%.
2. Authority We look to experts to show us the way. When an executive published the credentials of people brought in to turn around a London bureau, the government monitoring and advisory panel was more accepting of the rate and type of change the team made.

Forbes Magazine published their top trends that will drive business in 2017 and they claim the number one change is “Subject Matter Experts Become the New Rainmakers.”

This coincides with the Authority above.

People want to deal with a person who has knowledge and can help guide them in their decisions, versus a salesperson who will drive them to their interests. This ties in with their Number three, which is “Sales and Content Marketing Become Fully Integrated.”

In other words, we need to become the experts and demonstrate that on our web platforms, and we become the “Go To” people with the information to guide a proper buying decision.

We need to become the Authority in our industries to succeed in the coming year.

Of course, the Forbes number four is “Video is Essential.” Meaning, we need to demonstrate the authority with video that is easy to comprehend.

The majority of the population searches for the solution before making a buying decision. Video makes it easy to learn.

What steps are you going to take to become the authority in your community?



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