I Need A Website Developed In A Week

Prduction Flooring Web DevelopmentI need a website in a week, can you help?

Jeff Blajian, owner of Production Flooring, had contracted with an out of town firm to develop their social media program. He had a Google+ profile, Facebook, and Twitter created and posts had been placed on his social media channels.

He didn’t have a website, but had all of the social media platforms built and attached to a Google+ profile. The problem was, he didn’t have access to most of the things put in place, and no website to anchor the business to the social media platforms.

We agreed to meet, and since he didn’t have access to anything, he really had nothing. Finding his store was nearly impossible in searches.

Social Media MarketingWalking into the store I was a pleasantly surprise at the nice merchandise, the great variety, and professionalism the store displayed.  It turns out, Blajian had been in the flooring business for decades.

Since he had great merchandise and suppliers with great artwork, we went to work and got his site done in a week, and started new social media channels that he could control and anchored them all with his website. He now has the ability to create a Social Media Marketing campaign that will actually benefit him by having a website to anchor his efforts.

Now he has a nice looking site. That is the first step.

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