How to Get Great News/Blogging Ideas

What A Great Idea!

We know that content is the key to website rankings, engagement by readers, and information to share with the public.

The biggest hold out from developing good content on your website is ideas for topics.

As business owners, we think what we do is pretty routine, and have difficulty determining something new.

Here are 5 Tips for successful content ideas

  1. Go online and search your business and items will fill your pages.
  2. Think of a customer you brought happiness to, hold a brief five minute session with fellow workers of who commented about how you brought joy, or relieved them of some pain.
  3. Write a sequel to a story people enjoyed before.
  4. Create a Public Tool where the public can send you a question and place that on your website of questions and answers.
  5. Use Google search for Keywords and start typing a product you sell and see what automatically fills in and use that keyword as a topic.

Source Your Staff

One of the simplest ways to come up with stories is for a quick part of a staff meeting, where the question is asked,

“Who made someone’s life better this week?” or

“Did one of your customers thank you this week, and why?”

There is your story.

Happy Story Telling!


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