George the DJ

DJ  George has been operating a full-time DJ business for over 25 years.

George had a good business going, and had tried to keep up his website with a firm on the East coast of Florida. The firm had decided they were no longer going to be doing websites, as it was difficult to keep up with all of the rapid changes that were occurring.

George contacted Social Impact as two of his other entertainment friends had recommended them as the company that could take care of him.

Over the years, Georges’ website had been added to and had lost it’s focus.

Social Impact utilized photos from Georges’ events to capture the “fun” that George was selling to his clients. After he had captured the clients interest, he could then highlight his credibility with rating companies, client testimonials, as well as photo and video galleries for his special lighting tools.

His quote on Google – Social impact Russell and the staff helped me $100% on getting my web design ideas and website up running & working correctly. I recommend then george rogner

View the website here

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