Florida Talent Consultants – Search Engines Found Me!

kevin-smith“I’m so sick of spending money on my website,” said Kevin Smith, Owner of Florida Talent Consultants when asked about his website. He was frustrated as it didn’t work right, it cost him a lot of money every time he wanted to change anything, and he was hard to find when people tried to search for him on the internet search engines.

Florida Talent Consultants lines up entertainment for corporate events, weddings, and special occasions. He has been in business in Florida for a couple of decades.

His talent counts on him to get them jobs, and companies count on him to provide the right entertainment for the right occasion.

Kevin needed a place where entertainers could showcase their work, and people could utilize his site to search for what they might need.

In his website development, we created a You Tube channel for him to display video of his entertainers, completely re-did his website to help clients by providing forms, sign-ups for newsletter updates, and a Facebook and Google+ page to reach people wherever they played in the internet world.

Social Media Marketing – Outreach Email

Florida Talent ConsultantsSocial-Impact set up and branded newsletter template for him to send out notices to groups on special new features, and talents that might fill a niche in their event planning.

The website was built using WordPress, so he could easily change his website so he didn’t need to pay a web designer to change his site every time something changed.

In addition, social media tools were added to the arsenal of Facebook, Google+, You Tube and Twitter. All platforms were branded to his specific labeling so they would know they were in his territory, no matter how they found his company.

The WordPress format provided a way to spread news items out to the community with news updates, and best of all, says Kevin, “People can find me on the internet!”

“I get all of these calls from search engine specialists who try to tell me how they can make it so I show up in the top of the search engines results, stated Smith, “and I ask them to tell me what they are looking for, and I always show up, and it ends the sales pitch.”

I’m so happy with what Russell Tuff and his crew did, I tell all my friends about Social-Impact.”

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