Engage Viewer’s Hearts and Minds

When it comes to blogs and posts, the product or service you provide is not the topic. The program is not the topic. The topic is not the topic. The reader doesn’t care about us – they care about themselves and their needs.

Tapping into that interest can best be achieved by your existing customers and why they use your service. We need to tap into the “pain point” of the consumer.

Remember you are providing relief, pleasure, or solving a problem for that reader. That is best done by storytelling, and preferably utilizing video.

If your website features a video about how you solved someone’s dilemma, and that video is clicked, you benefit on many levels.

Let’s talk about those benefits.

  • First, sharing of your clients’ success with your company on Social Media will attract their circle of influence.
  • Second, a personal story is more credible than a generic quote and the video and photo will engage a reader.
  • When people click on a video in website testimonial, and the video is hosted on your YouTube channel, you get the “SEO (Search Engine Optimization) juice” as a credible source on the topic.

Storytelling is “the most powerful form of human communication,” according to Peg Neuhauser, author of Corporate Legends and Lore.

Engage reader’ hearts and minds through storytelling.

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