Access Title gets their Social Media Marketing Groove On

You have to get on Facebook. You should blog. You need to get your name out there.

Karen Kohler of Access Title, located in Naples, Fla. knew this. But how was she to do it when what she also needed was to spend time on building the core services of her new title company?

Kohler knows the challenges many business owners face of balancing time and money spent for social media and marketing. She sought assistance from Social-Impact about one year ago and is glad she did.

Her startup business didn’t have much web presence and lacked name recognition at first. Kohler needed to spend her time building the business, not managing social media accounts, creating email newsletters, writing blogs and researching SEO benefits. She turned to Social Impact.

“The best thing was that they (Social Impact) weren’t just one size fits all. As a new startup company, they were willing to work with me– providing some services a la cart,” Kohler said.

Social Media Tools Incorporated

Those services included setting up Social Media accounts on Facebook and Twitter; giving her website a fresh look with the ability to keep the content fresh; sending out monthly email newsletters, creating short video clips which snag more online attention than any other type of media, and connecting all the blogs, contents and pages to boost SEO and customer engagement.

“It was easy to justify. As long as a I was getting one out-of-state client monthly, which I did thanks to the gained online presence alone, I knew it was well worth it,” Kohler said.

Her business success is attributed to people finding her online and recognizing her business whenever they come across the name Access Title.

“We’re really taking off. It’s just going to get better. It’s not something where you set up one business model and just stick with it. It’s an evolving process with social media and marketing and Social-Impact stays on top of it so I can get on with my business,” said Kohler.

That’s precisely what she does too. Those long days at the office aren’t without a best friend though.

After a business meeting, Kohler trots off to pick up a puppy napping behind a desk.

“This is Bailey,” she says, looking at him proudly as she holds him up.

Baily is a teacup Yorky– just about six months old. He’s a good office companion.

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