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** Be The Expert ** ** Create Talk of the Town ** ** Earn YOur Way to the Top ** ** *outreach * ** content is king **

People want to go to the expert.

Set yourself up as the expert and people will want to listen to you and go to you for advice. The conversation has already started… it's time that you're aware of it and develop a strategy for engaging in it and using it for marketing. We recommend a Blog.

What is a blog?

A blog, or Web Blog, is a website that allows for regularly posted content or articles.

Can you afford to ignore social media?

Increase Sales and Improve your bottom line.

-80% of businesses with over 100 employees will use social media for promotion in 2011.

-75% of businesses with under 100 employees say they don't use social media.

-83% of Business users claim they have increased sales as a result of social media.

Consumers most frequently 

go to the search engines to research and purchase products and services.

Is your website getting found by consumers looking for you?

There are two kinds of search results:
1. Paid results
2. Organic (or natural) results.
Paid results are those listings that require a fee for the search engines to list their link for particular keywords.

Email Marketing is an Easy, Effective and Affordable method 

to build your organization.
We'll help you send professional emails with content made to take action. We can tell you how many emails were opened, or dropped, how many links were clicked on and by whom. We provide measurable results and methods to continuously improve the effectiveness
of our outreach efforts.

1. We will market

your business utilizing a concept called Content Marketing. The effort will be driven from blogs, web content, established media, and driving traffic from social media efforts.

2. Content Marketing 

will help you create a cost effective method to make sales from content created that sets your business up as an expert in your field and form a very personal relationship with your clients.

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How Can Social - Impact Help Me?

This Is How It Works!

How It Works!

Cross pollenation of your digital media resources is the means to increase your followers across multiple platforms.
More followers is more potential customers. More customers means an increase to your bottom line.
For more information on how Social-Impact can help you increase your revenue, please contact us at: or call us at (239) 325-1127.